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Answer for Download Files With WorkManager

First of all WorkManager did not give us any kind method which we can use to push values time to time in our ViewModel...

Download Files With WorkManager

Can we do download files with horizontal progressbar(like 30/100) update using WorkManager?
Chaining With WorkManager

Chaining Worker With Android WorkManager

Chaining the Worker is the most attractive features of WorkManager. With the work manager, we can easily chain multiple workers together and the run...
InputMerger and ArrayCreatingInputMerger with WorkManager

InputMerger and ArrayCreatingInputMerger with WorkManager

In the last article, we discussed how we can set input and output data with WorkManager API. (If you haven't read the previous article I...
input output workmanager

Setting Input Data And Output Data With WorkManager

When working with WorkManager you may need to pass the argument for your task and also need some result to return. To pass the...
android workmanager

Android WorkManager Example

Hi, guys today I'm gonna talked to you about a new library Google released is WorkManager. WorkManager is a part of AndroidJetpack and an Architecture...
Battery Optimization For Android P

Why Developer Needs To More Concern For Background Process When Targeting Android P

We all want good power efficiency right..? Like batteries that last a long time. We want to build really cool apps and we do...
android kotlin

Android ktx with Example Part 3 – Android ktx – Core ktx

This is the third and last part of Android ktx tutorial. In this part, we're gonna explore the core ktx library extension functions. The...
android kotlin

Android ktx with Example Part 2- ViewModel Lifecycle ktx-Work Runtime ktx

This is the second part of android ktx tutorial. I hope you guy has seen my previous blog in which I briefly explain about...
android kotlin

Android ktx with example – Fragment | Palette | Collection | SQLite

If you're developing an Android application with Kotlin, then I have a good news for you. Recently Google released an Android ktx library, which...

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