This is a very simple Client/Server Chat Application using TCP Sockets Java.

Complete Code for Client & Server can be found below for download.

How it Works

Here is an example of how a very simple client-server chat application works. These are the stages involved:

Step 1:  In any Client/Server Application, we need to run the server before the client, because the server keeps waiting for the client to be connected.
Step 2: Server keeps listening for the client on an assigned IP & Port
Step 3: For establishing connection client must know the IP & Port of the server.
Step 4: 


When we start Client Application, It creates a connection to the server.

Step 5: After the Successful connection Client & Server Applications can send & receive messages.

You can download complete code for client & server examples below.


  • Can we run these Chat Applications on different Computers?

Yes, you can use these applications on different computers but both computers should be on the same network.

  • Will this Client-Server Chat Applications work on Different Networks?

For using this application on different networks you must have a Public IP address for the server app to run.

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