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Disclaimer: The above Top Programming Languages Survey result is not anyone’s personal opinion and research. These results are based on the collective opinion of thousands of Developers who visit Coding Infinite Articles & Tutorials daily. You can share your opinion by voting above survey. Your opinion really matters.

If you believe in mutual intelligence, the Coding Infinite Poll of Top Programming Languages index can help you decide which Programming Language you should learn & which one to use in your new developments.


Nothing much has changed during the previous month in our Best Programming Languages Survey. Just C# & Java swiped their positions & C# appeared at #2, which is really interesting. Also, Rust crossed Kotlin & now in #9 whereas Kotlin is at #10 now.

This Survey can be used to examine whether your programming skills are up to date or to make a decision about what programming language you should adopt when starting to develop a new Software or Application. If you want to know more about CodingInfinite, you can read here.

This Month’s Changes in the results

This month the following changes have been made to the definition of the index:

  • C# came at #2 from #3
  • java came at #3 from #2
  • Rust crossed Kotlin & now at #9
  • Kotlin is now at #10

Programming Language Hall of Fame

The hall of fame listing all “Best Programming Language of the Year” winners are shown below.


New Language Addition request

We have picked only top 15 Programming Languages according to Google Trends & some other resources, If you think that any other language should be in this list, please share your opinion by contacting us here

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