Networking has been an amazing career for me throughout my career till date, yes that was a tough decision for me to choose my field after my graduation, not only for me, every student must face this who were actually confused throughout the bachelors that what they actually want to choose programming or networking. I was one of them. When I completed my graduation I was also confused that what to choose, I met many peoples who are working in networks and programming, and I asked the same question which is the title of my blog that, what is scope in the market? And every time, they said that IT field is the only field in the market which scope will never end in future either it will be programming or Networking or any field which relates to IT. This decision is totally based on your interest that what actually you want, because you are the person, and you have the right to take your decision.

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Why a Network Career?

In my opinion, there are two reasons that play an important role to choose your field, number one is how interesting is this for you and second is the demand for this field in the market. As a professional network engineer, I can say that the network field is very interesting and challenging job role. Design, implementation, and troubleshooting. And at the same time, the market needs more specialists in the growing field. Simply if you are good in this field, it pays well, if you are Network Engineer you will never be bored in this field and every day you will learn and practice new things.


Well, the demand of any field related to IT in the market totally depend on your skills that how skillful you are in your field. If you want to grow in networks you must have some skills or certifications.skills

Now the question is, why certification is important? In simple words if you graduate from university, the university did not teach you the professional practice of your field, the certification or short courses teach you the professional way to implement the IT operations. For example, if you are entering in networking field you must have some knowledge and hand experience on CCNA, CCNP, CCIE… And if you do not belong to IT field and you want to make your future in Networks then you also start these courses and make your future in Networks.


The purpose to write this article is to guide you for the importance of networking in the market, and how to grow in this field and also did try to guide you for choosing your field. The last thing always remembers that “A good network engineer must be a good system administrator” In future, we’ll write articles with the basic of networks and different field of networks…

“Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and persistence.”


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