One of the most important things is Choosing an e-commerce platform when you’re going to start an online business.

Not all like to install a WordPress theme & start selling. Some are quite conscious of choosing technologies because there are many factors you need to consider – high-performance, scalability, security, extensibility, pricing, programming language, etc.

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A key feature of any E-Commerce is its modular architecture which allows additional features to be added that’s one of the reasons that WordPress & Zero Up Ecommerce became so popular while choosing Platform for an online store. But the Good News is that .Net Core also has some shopping Platforms with pluggable/modular architecture.

Mobile responsiveness is another must-have feature for any online business because 82% of smartphone users buy while surfing the Internet on their smartphone. 

Since you’re here, so you’ve decided to develop your e-commerce store using Core.

But choosing the best option is not an easy task. If you start developing your E-commerce platform from scratch it could take months, depending upon your development team. So starting from an open source project is one of the best choices.

In this article, I’ll list down some of the best E-commerce platforms developed in Core & available at Github. So let’s get started with the Top 3 Open Source E-commerce platform in ASP.NET Core.

1. NopCommerce

NopCommerce is a free and open-source e-commerce platform.

It’s a fully customizable shopping platform developed in Asp.Net Core.

Its architecture is modular & clean which allows developers to easily customize the front-end design and the back-end functionality.

New themes and add-ons can also be developed on top of nopCommerce.


Responsive: nopCommerce has fully Responsive & Mobile ready design.

Multi-store:  you can host many frontend stores on different domains and manage all operations from your single backend panel. 

Multi-vendor: multiple vendors can add their products & sell.

Product comparison: user can select & compare products features.

Search Engine Optimization: customized URLs, friendly SEO names for products, sitemap, microdata, URL Canonicalization & Google analytics integration.

Reward Points System: points earning system on the money spent at store.

Discounts and coupons: It can either be a fixed value or a percent off, e.g. $20 off or 20% off. we can also define between what dates discount offer is valid.

Payment methods: more than 50 supported payment methods.

Affiliate program: supports affiliate marketing feature.

Tax Feature: Tax calculation system is so configurable.


.Net Core SDK Version: .Net Core 2.2

Database: SQL Server 2008

2. SimplCommerce

SimplCommerce is Another simple, cross-platform, customized E-commerce system developed on .NET Core.

SimplCommerce is divided into many self-contained modules.


Responsive: fully responsive UI on all size devices.

Product Comparison: user can compare different products.

Coupons & Discounts: you can generate discount coupons for direct & percentage of discounts.

Payment Methods: Stripe, Paypal Express, COD

Tax System: Tax System is available for tax per country, state or zip code.


.Net Core SDK Version: .Net Core 2.2

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

3. GrandNode

GrandNode – Powered By nopCommerce is another functional cross-platform e-commerce solution developed for the most demanding users. You can run it on any operating system – Linux, Windows.

It’s based on ASP.NET Core 2.2 and MongoDB – non-relational database system. 


Responsive: Support devices of all sizes.

Multi-store: can host many web store using a single back-end

Multi-vender: also support Multi-vender functionality like NopCommerce.

Product Comparison: user can compare different products.

Search engine optimization: Sitemap, Friendly URLs, Google Analytics integration & Localizable URLs.

Reward Points System: Reward Points System, Gift Cards, Discounts 

Coupons & Discount: can generate coupons for discounts.

Payment Methods: more than 50 payment methods and gateways.

Tax System: flexible tax system.


.Net Core SDK Version: .Net Core 2.2

Database: MongoDB


Product ComparisonYesYesYes
Payment methods50+Stripe, Paypal Express, COD50+
Reward SystemYesYesYes
Coupons DiscountYesYesYes
.Net Core Version2.22.22.2
DatabaseSQL Server 2008SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLiteMongoDB

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    Is NopCommerce released in v2.2? Or is it still the beta?