Is there an upcoming Event and you want to send an invitation to all of your contacts via SMS?
Or you have Good NEWS for your friends/family?
You can easily do all these and even more with “Bulk SMS Sender”, an open source android app that helps you send SMS messages to large amounts of recipients.

What is Bulk SMS Sender?

Bulk SMS Sender is really small in size but not in purpose. It’s a powerful open source Android application that allows us to send customized SMS messages through their carrier network to all contacts that are listed in a Text input file. Bulk SMS Sender can serve for mass delivery of holiday greetings, as an effective marketing tool and more.
Bulk SMS Sender reads a list of contact numbers from a Text file and sends SMS to all contacts one by one. It can be used for many purposes. e.g Educational, Commercial, Learning, SMS Marketing etc.
Bulk SMS Sender Android App Coding Infinite home


  • Easy to use
  • Send SMS messages to an unlimited number of contacts with just a few clicks
  • Get live progress updates during the sending process
  • It takes a pause after a specific interval of time because a large bulk of SMS can spam your chip
  • We can add new features to your request, just email us with any feature you have in your mind

How It Works

  1. First of all, we need a text file of phone numbers (one number in a single line)
  2. Open Bulk SMS Sender App and choose phone numbers’ file.
Bulk SMS Sender Android App Coding Infinite choose file
  1. Bulk SMS Sender App has some really useful settings.
    • You can add some pause interval after some SMS.
    • You can delete the number from the file after SMS sent to that number option is also available in the settings.
Bulk SMS Sender Android App Coding Infinite settings
  1. The app will start sending SMS right after Send Button on Home screen.
Bulk SMS Sender Android App Coding Infinite sending

Source Code of Bulk SMS Sender Android App is available on Github, you can download the Complete project, also feel free if you want to add any New Feature.

Download Complete Code


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  1. Ahsen Saeed Reply

    @Marius Danila, First, you need to create a .txt extension file and store it in your mobile memory. Next, go to the application and select that file then write msg and click on the send button.
    Yes, you’re right the application we developed is in Android with Java programming language.

  2. Hello!
    Probably is a nice app, but can`t chose the file with phone numbers … and d onot see it anywhere I put it …
    Yes, please help!!!

    And other, more technical question … In which developing framework you work??? I tried to play a liitle in Android Studio … but something don-t work yet!

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Kirk Hennefer Reply

    I do not see a way to choose the directory of the phonenumbers.txt file. Please help soon.

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