Coding an Android application is a challenging task. To begin with, it is important to choose the best programming language that will be apt to develop Android apps. The nature of iOS coding languages is limited but there are wide arrays of languages for Android apps. This, on one hand, offers flexibility to developers but on the other hand makes it quite confusing. In this article, we will learn about the languages that must be utilized for coding Android applications. It is important to know about the strengths and the weakness of the programming languages.


When thinking about which Android programming language to choose for your upcoming application, beginning with this one will be beneficial. This is an open-source tool with a robust community that means developers will receive support any time they need. The tool only requires a few code lines to develop Android apps as it can help in setting up a gaming app in less than one hour. Unity being multi-platform offers a practical method of learning coding that is object-oriented. When your objective is to become a successful game developer, using this tool will be most prevalent.


An Android App language that is easy to learn & use but offer a certain amount of control & power is this one. It is simple to code in LUA and the mechanism becomes even easier with Corona SDK. The tool supports native libraries as well by which you can publish in numerous platforms.

To develop Android apps in the genre of games, Corona is the most perfect one. Code entering is done perfectly with the utilization of text editors such as Notepad++. In fact, there is no requirement of compiling as well and you can easily run the said code on emulator.


The language that receives the biggest support from Google, Java is the official language for any Android application development. The answer is Java to the question, what programming language does Android use. Operated by a virtual machine, Java code functions on Android devices & infers the code. An object-oriented language, it carries some confusing topics such as checked exceptions, constructors and null pointer exceptions. Novice developers must not start suddenly with Java as it might con. fuse them.

A developer must carry the knowledge of concepts such as Android Manifest & Gradle for engaging in successful Android development with the utilization of this route. Though Java is extremely versatile & used widely, there are numerous communities for its complicated nature.


If you are developing Android apps in the field of 3d games, then this is the apt programming language for you. In fact, you will be able to use libraries that are written in C++ or C. But it is a bit complicated when it comes to the set up as it brings forwards bugs and is a bit rigid.


Indigenous Python development is not supported by Android but you can easily get hands-on the best Python Android app with current technologies. There are numerous tools that have made its way in the current market that help in converting Python applications into Android packages. These can operate well on Android devices.

One of the examples is Kivy which is an open-source Python library. It is utilized for the development of mobile applications. Encouraging quick application development, it offers complete support to Android. But as Kivy is not natively supported, Kivy will not be equipped with native benefits


To make an Android app that is long-lasting, PhoneGap is the most “simplified” option. It is an Apache Cordova power-driven Android programming language with which you can construct applications by utilizing the same code that is used for websites. This is displayed via a “WebView” but it is packaged like an application. PhoneGap is that programming language that then functions as the bridge permitting developers to get hands-on native features of Smartphones or other devices like camera or accelerometer.


Wrapping it up

The time to pick and choose has finally arrived.

Just how there are a plethora of applications, there are numerous programming languages to develop Android apps as well. But no language can be regarded as the very correct language for Android application development. It is entirely upon the developer to choose the language and the selection must depend on the preferences & objectives of every individual project. Irrespective of the programming language you choose, it will be extremely beneficial for you to expand your expertise. It will also lead to your sheer growth as a successful Android developer.

Connect with us today for learning about the various programming languages from our experienced team of developers. They will assist you in fabricating the best Android application that will win hearts and in turn attain leads and conversions for your brand. Programming an Android app is tough. Let us help you with the procedure.

Thank you for reading.

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