Don’t worry! you don’t need to be a person where you wake up 4 am every morning like Silvester Stallone did in Rocky movie “inspirational“, in order to become a senior developer. There is a wide range in the skills of developers out there–and seniority often doesn’t determine one’s caliber. So, what’s making them superior to their fellow developers.

Having five or ten years of experience doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’re effective senior developer–or even deserves the title. Being a senior developer doesn’t mean you have to necessarily master on every framework, language, or architecture out there, but it means that your strengths complement the team and company and their needs.

At the company, they may need to be able to defend technical choices to non-technical staff far more often. With this-here are some of the points that easily help distinguish between a true senior developer.

Understands the deep knowledge of technology or Framework

Understanding the deep knowledge of framework

Most of the time senior developer spends time on WHY of the technology. Why does this problem exist? Why does this framework exist? Why do we need this framework? What benefits do we get when using this framework?

They focus on the pros and cons of each testing framework when trying to solve a real-world problem for a company. They also understand HOW things are connected. All in all, as a developer you need to have a good sense of all the tools and libraries that can benefit you while working on a project.

They Teach Other Developers how to code

A true senior developer has their influence on other less experienced developers in the field, helping polish the next generation of diamonds. Their ability to communicate and translate code between different interfaces and mediums demonstrate their true understanding of the language or framework they’ve chosen the master.

They will encourage their fellow developers for clean coding without being a bias force of destruction. They are kind to their junior developer’s mistakes and educate them to learn rather than destroy egos.

Their breadth of knowledge and understanding of framework and languages experience may come in the form of resumes and time they spend in different companies. Teaching is a skill that is only available to those that truly understand their craft.

They have to make tough calls

Senior developer have to make tough calls

There’s almost never a time where a decision is made and everyone happy with it. Every architecture, every choice, every possibility carries possible downside especially when product expands and evolve. Currently, there no mantra exists to solve all software problems.

To truly be senior, they need to make hard calls and make them right. When they finalize a solution, they also choose the problems and issues that the fellow developers will live with. A senior developer has exposure to multiple languages and multiple teams. So, it’s almost impossible to deeply know every architectural design out-there, but it’s very possible to have good awareness and understand the advantages and tradeoffs of different approaches.

They Have EffectiVE Team Skills

Effective Team Skills

As a senior developer, you must be patient with developers less experienced than you. Most of the time they marking messes made by their fellow developers and labeling the weak parts in the architecture. They are able to step back and sees a much bigger picture with future contingencies while making choices based on the least expected negative impact.

These peoples also make managers, directors, scrum masters, and CTO’s lives easier. Those are the people that get promoted, and more importantly, those are the people that provide the most value to a company.

Always Learn New Things

Try to learn new things

The senior developer always trying to learn new things every day. This doesn’t mean you need to spend 14 hours a day sitting in front of a computer reading articles or watching tutorials. They are more efficient than that. They speak to other developers, explore new projects, answering other peoples question on different forums.

They understand that learning everything is impossible and they choose to spend most of their time on framework or technology they like the most. The focused learning required your attention, practice, dedication, and most of all hard work.

They have the ability to talk to clients

Ability to talk to clients

A senior developer is somebody that can be left alone with the client and can be a great listener, and they often advise on what’s the best steps are to move forward. They focus on what’s important for the company and what’s not. They are great at forming a relationship with clients.

They are not a pushover, but they don’t push their opinions to the client. They understand that the goal is non zero where both client and developer gain from the interaction.

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