1. Hi Sir,

    I was wondering if you could assist me with integrating an API with my database. You see, I’m creating a travel itinerary management system for my final year computer engineering design project and I have no clue how to integrate the API with my database in order to obtain real-time data

  2. Hi Shekryar,

    Great post and great code organization.
    How would you integrate the reply of your api on the html signup/login page in order to get the reply message (a field validation error/ success on the signup/..) without getting redirected to other page?
    How would you print the JSON reply on the signup/login form?


    • Hi,
      You need to use Ajax Call for getting API response without reloading the page.
      Don’t forget to change your input type from submit to button & remove form tag.
      I tried to paste the code here but it doesn’t show the code.
      so comment if you face any difficulty.

  3. Hi,

    By the way. I was wondering how I can make the forget password work with your script? All of the files are working except for the forgot password function.



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