Programmers always remain highly valued in the tech world: Programming jobs are typically some of the hardest to fill, and the requirement for this profession don’t seem to be slowing down in the future.

However, both beginner programmers and coding experts face several efforts in a world of rapidly-changing technologies, making it more difficult to stay fit in the field and move up the coding career.

These Programming Tips will help you for the rest of your programming career, no matter whether you’re currently pursuing a degree in software engineering, you are an ambitious self-taught developer or already working as a programmer, mastering the programming skills is the name of an everlasting struggle.

Let’s take a look at some quick and simple tips that will help you to improve your programming skills. Please write at least 1 Tip from you in the comment section below for the programmers after reading this article.

1. Do not code without understanding the what and why of it

It’s always good to have a bigger picture of what and why you are going to code. It makes you think: “Is this feature required? & Why is it required? If yes, is there an effective way? If no, why not? Am I the best programmer to do this? Should I consult with other team members who may have a similar requirement?

2. Learn to prioritize

Many times you will see yourself overloaded with work. You need to study to prioritize it; i.e. which task to jump for the while & which task to focus more on, or, whether you can do tasks parallelly. It will come gradually though. This improves a lot with experience.

3. Do not overuse the static keyword

There are two main problems with statics: (answered here)

  • Thread Safety – static resources are by definition not thread-safe.
  • Code Implicity – You don’t know when a static variable is instantiated & whether or not it will be instantiated before another static variable.
4. Always go till the last answer in stack-overflow

It happened to me many times when the top-voted answer didn’t work for me but a solution from the end worked like a champ. So, I always advise programmers to try other solutions in Stackoverflow as well, instead of only marked or top voted.

5. Never hesitate to ask for the solution to seniors

I have seen many junior programmers in organizations feel shame while they stuck in errors. In coding, most of the errors occur due to very little mistakes. So, never hesitate. I repeat never hesitate to ask for the solution to seniors. There are chances that your senior had already faced the same issue & could help you to quickly solve the issue.

6. Try “:github” in google search

If you’re trying to find a solution of a problem, an open-source library or any source code to use in your code, just try :github in your Google Search. It will really help you.

7. Don’t go behind cool languages go behind algorithms and designs

Never be curious to learn many languages at a time. Language is just a syntax nothing else. Try to polish your logic building skills by solving complex problems(available online).

8. Try to automate non-productive task it saves a lot of your time

Do not try to reinvent the wheel, if something is already available then use it. unless there is a problem. Try to use open-source libraries available at GitHub & try to automate non-productive tasks like Sending Email, Creating Server, Killing Process.

9. Never write more than 15 lines of code & never take more than 4 parameters in a method

I’m not asking you to follow this tip every time. Sometimes, we need to write more code in a single method with many parameters but try to keep your functions with less code & parameters, it will help you at the time of update or finding bugs.

10. Do not assume anything in Coding

Let say you have written a piece of code. Never assume that it will work as expected. Always Unit Test it & then use it in your application.

11. Code will never lie, it is always your mistake

Yes, a machine will do what you’ve asked it to do using instructions in the form of coding. So, If you’re not getting expected results, It means there’s a logical mistake in your code.

12. Do not take pride in programming in any language. Explore and be open-minded

When someone gives a better opinion, make sure that your ego(that your solution is the best ) doesn’t stop your ears towards that opinion.

13. Best solution is a king

Anyone can find a solution of a programming problem. But keep in mind, the one who brings the most optimal solution is the real programmer.

14. Make your code as generic as possible

Make Generic methods & call these methods where you need to perform the specific task. It will also help you to quickly copy your code in future in your other projects.

15. Give meaningful names to variables and functions

I know this is the most common tip we start listening from our programming teachers. But this is most important as well. Never give meaningless names to variables & functions. Otherwise, believe me, It will be difficult for you to understand your own code after a few months.

16. Try to use switch case instead of if…else

Just imagine there are 100 entries and you need to get to 99th door. If…else knocks on each entry and asks whether you are 99th and finally gets to its destination. Switch case sees the entry number and gets to it directly.

17. Keep updating

Never work for more than the specified time. It doesn’t matter how good your code, it’s a piece of old junk after 10 years and is outdated to the age of dinosaurs.

18. Life is unfair, get used to it

Don’t worry about band or rank or whatever is the term your company calls it. Don’t get jealous with your co-worker who got a better rank than you.

19. A Silly Tip

Code isn’t working? clear browser cache, restart your server. Still not? Close the chrome and open it again. This point will seem a little silly but this is a funny truth of our IT industry.

20. Sit in a good position on chair (Last but not least)

I have seen many senior people with back problems because of improper seating in the chair before your computer or laptop. So, always sit in a good position & make sure you run away from your chair once in 45 minutes and don’t forget to drink water often.

Thank you for reading.

I hope the above set of programming tips will help you in your programming career. I’ll be really thankful If you write at least one tip from you for the readers in the comment section below.

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  1. These were some really great tips and beginners would really find these helpful. Thanks for the efforts you have put to share.