If you ask “what is the best” type of questions, you will end up with biased answers, usually. Everyone will tell you his own preference.

Although you have listened to this famous Quote “Love is blind” & no one believes to defend his love with arguments & solid pieces of evidence, but In this Article, I’m going to share some real grounds that why I’m in Love with .Net Core & why I think that .Net Core is the best available Framework even in 2019.

Without biasness, I can say that every language has it’s own area of strength, for example:

Python: Machine Learning, Data Science, and oh yes! Web development.

JavaScript: Web Development (Front End as well as Backend), and Game Development.

Java: Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Applications, and even Web development.

C++ & C: Operating Systems, Performance critical solutions, embedded systems, and anything needed low-level ability.

These languages also have some other roles, but I just mentioned strength areas of these languages.

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Before talking about why I considered .Net Core the Top Framework, I want to clear one thing. Otherwise, we might get some comments something like “python is better than .Net Core”.

Language vs Framework

A programming language is a set of rules that need to be followed to write a program to accomplish a task whereas a framework is a collection of useful tools written for a particular programming language.

For example, C# is a programming language. Microsoft built the .NET & .NET Core Frameworks in C# so that developers can build C# applications much more quickly than if they had to create everything from scratch.

Before Talking about my Love (.Net Core), my Introduction is important.

Who I am?

I’m Shehryar Khan, working as a Full Stack .Net Core MVC developer from last 2 years. Before that, I worked as a .Net Developer 3 years. So I’m playing with .Net & C# from last 5 years, before that, I had some experience as a PHP developer.

What is my Job? (Important to know)

Actually, I’m working in a Smart Metering company from last 3 years & have worked on many projects of different types.

  • A project I completed, was a huge Web Based Application named as “Energy Axis” for Managing smart meters Data & for automatic Billing.
  • A task assigned to me was to Implement a protocol(DLMS) for reading some metering devices data.
  • A task assigned to me was to write some web services for sharing some Data to be used by another application.
  • A task assigned to me was to create a Task Scheduler for generating some files & send over SFTP using Code.
  • How can I forget that I have successfully completed a Ride Booking application project like Uber with Ahsen Saeed

– My C# knowledge has also helped me to develop a 3D game using Unity3D.

I have also worked on many other projects but these are enough to define the versatility of .Net Core Framework

.Net Core has countless features but In this Article, I’m going to discuss only a single feature which is Versatility.

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Versatility: Web, Mobile, Server, Desktop

The main reason why I chose .Net Core as my Life Partner is the Versatility. Are you a Web Developer or want to Develop an app for Desktop or Mobile, If you are a Game Developer or want to work on Machine Learning, DotNet Core is here for you.

Thanks to Xamarin to use our Microsoft knowledge to Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Apps. Unity is there for Developing games. You can build desktop applications with UWP. Asp.net Core is also a main player in the Game for Developing powerful Web-based applications providing amazing SPA Angular Templates. Real-time applications with SignalR and a lot more.

Let’s not forget the high-performance service-oriented architecture. Docker containers is also supported which makes it easy to deploy your app to AWS or other providers. Using Microsoft Azure you can develop & deploy on the cloud in a few clicks.

ML.NET is a machine learning framework for .NET developers, when we talk about Cognitive Services in Azure, we’re really talking about commoditized AI(Artificial Intelligence). Blazor is going to take over some of the JavaScript functionalities.

Every time when I start to talk about .Net Features, It becomes difficult for me to stop writing. There are many more reasons why I’m in Love with .Net Core. Like Performance, Open-source, Awesome Developers Tools & many more.

I would like to share a review from Raygun’s CEO & Co-Founder here about .Net Core

.net core

Updates & News

Now, Let’s have a quick look at the Future Updates & News from Microsoft.

 .NET Core 3.0

The open-source .NET Core 3.0 adds support for WinForms and the Windows Presentation Framework (also now open source) and enabled more flexible deployment with self-contained EXE files and improved performance.

C# 8.0

Microsoft recently launched a new version of C# with some really useful features. I’ll write about the use of these features some other day. Some of the features I really want to use in my new developments are Non-Nullable & Nullable Reference Types, New Lightweight Classes, Solving Object Equality with Records, Default Interface Implementations & Improved Extension Support.

Visual Studio 2019 for Windows and Mac

Visual Studio is one of the most powerful IDE available. Visual Studio 2019 Preview is available for Windows & Mac with new features to help the developers make the development faster


I have no doubt that .Net Core is the Future. The reason why most of the top firms love to use .Net for the developments of their huge applications is because of Microsoft Support. Microsoft is adding new features to help developers in every new update. I have also worked with Top PHP MVC Frameworks, Python & Java but I can say that .Net Core has no limits.

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  1. hey guy! I eventually don’t understand why do you love .net core? you just keep saying “I love it.”
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  2. You literally mentioned nothing about why you love .net core in this article